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YMCA Swim Lessons
YMCAYMCA Swim Lessons are designed for all ages & abilities. Learning to swim is a process, and the swim program is designed to facilitate that process. Each class is designed to focus on the individual skill sets needed to become a competent swimmer.

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FALL II 2017

(UPD... 11/10/17)



ATTENTION!  Parents may observe classes from the bleachers or benches on the pool deck. If it becomes a problem, parents will be asked to observe classes from the lobby. This rule exists to eliminate distraction, commotion, and disruptions so that children can concentrate, learn and bond with instructors more effectively. Due to instructor/ participant ratios, we are unable to provide make-up classes. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. PARENTS MUST REMAIN INSIDE THE BUILDING DURING THE SWIM LESSON!
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